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Miraco Oy is a Finnish fan company that has been operating successfully since 1985. Our core products are Axial Fan Solutions, which are always tailored to the customer's needs. Our company is known for being extremely flexible, responsive and efficient!

Even though our company has been in business for over 30 years, we are still developing. New equipment investments and co-operation agreements maintain Miraco Oy's boom. The new automated flange bending machine enables the manufacture of fans on a larger scale than ever before.

Axial Fans
Available in several sizes (MV 250-1600mm), hot dip galvanized, with special materials or painted.
Impellers & Blades
Sizes between 250-2000mm.
Many different material options available. Also ATEX-proved Blades & Impellers.
Wall Fans
Sizes between MV 300-910mm
Inlet Cones
Sizes between 250-2000mm.
Different material options availbale.
Sizes between 250-2000mm
Flexible Connectors
Sizes between 250-1400mm
Mounting Brackets
Sizes between 250-1400mm
Safety Nets
The nets are compatible with the fans and also the inlet cones.
Vibration Isolation Series
Vibration Isolators available by the Fan sizes.
Sizes between 250-1400mm, with the RSDK-inner cartridge. Also RSD without inner cartridge.
Hot galvanized structure. Also available in other materials.
Sizes between 250-1400mm. Hot galanized structure. Also available in other materials.
Over Pressure Valves
Installed between ducts.
Sizes between 250-1400mm.
Hot galvanized structure.
Also available in other materials.
Over Pressure Valves MVYP-H
Installed at the end of ducts.
Sizes between 400-1400mm.
Hot galvanized structure.
Also available in other materials.
Snow Guard Grilles
Available in different sizes, hot galvanized and in all RAL colours.
Safety Switches
Turvakytkimet 32-63A (EMC). Soveltuvat hyvin usein huollettaville puhaltimille.
Frequency Transmitters
Delivered alongside Fan Solutions from known manufactures at the customers need!
Louvre Backs
We deliver these in plastic and in aluminum according to the customers wishes.
Ahto-Pellet Burners
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ahto-pellet burners

Are very efficient and effective pellet burners designed
for grate / low fireplaces.
Based on our long-term experience and feedback, the product has many satisfied users all over Finland.

Download the users guide here! 


Lottery for the AHTO Pellet Burner Package! 

The AHTO pellet burner is an ecological choice that produces heat efficiently and with significantly lower emissions than conventional wood.

Our burners are designed for grate / underfire fireplaces.

Do the Climate a Favor - Burn Pellet!


* The prize includes the products shown in the picture: Ahto Pellet Burner, 16kg pellet, ignition pieces and a long-arm lighter. Prize SRP120 €.


Lottery rules:


1) Like our site Miraco Oy on Facebook

2) Fill the entry form at

3) Due to its weight, the winning prize can only be picked up from Miraco Oy's office at Mastotie 9, 37800 AKAA

4) The draw will take place as soon as our site exceeds 1000 likes!

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axial fans
Miraco Oy produces CE-approved hot-dip galvanized 
Miravent axial fans efficiently and
quickly in many different sizes
(MV 250-1400).

Connection standards
DIN24154 (Miravent & Eurovent).
We mainly use German
WingFan Select for the
dimensions of our fan solutions.

Our axial fans are used for example in the process industry, general ventilation, timber drying and refrigeration.

We also provide easy access to ATEX fans, special paintings and also stainless and acid-proof structures. We can supply condition monitoring tests, if the customer so wishes.

Miraco Oy's custom made Miravent axial fan frames
are always tailored to the customers' needs!

Here you can download:

CE-Certificate >

Fan Startup Instructions>

Installation & Accessories Brochure >

Miraco Oy has been supplying fans around the world for decades. The map below shows several projects using Miravent Fan Solution Technology.


impellers & blades
Miraco Oy has a partnership agreement with German Wing Fan Ltd. Most of Miravent solutions carry inside Wing Fans Smart Fan Technology.


Miraco Oy also has its own Miravent Impellers and Blades, which are used when ever it is necessary to fulfill the clients needs.


Special products
Here are some examples of the comprehensive Fan Solutions we have provided for our customers.

Fan packages and their structures are always designed in co-operation with the customer.
For example: Fan + Muffler + Filter + Mounting frame

Our machine fleet also enables customized products for our customers, such as the Blade transport box shown in the example pictures. 

Miraco Oy offers your company a complete Fan solution, you can easily get the whole package from us!

Offer request

By providing us the following information we can offer you a suitable fan customized for your needs. 

ATTENTION! We can offer Atex-fans based on the space and equipment category.

Please fill in the information of the space and equipment category on the Duct size Ø section.

Unfortunately this offer request form is only available in Finnish at the moment. Please contact our sales department if you need assistance. 

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